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Tagged by SongOfNanuk13. She wants to know about Amaya. Okay, let's start.

Wakfu OC's ref: Amaya the Eliotrope by Jenny-626

1. Amaya doesn't remember about her family and if she has brother or sister. From early years, she was found by granny Emma (Enutrof) in the forest near the Sadida Kingdom. Emma saved her from boowolves and took her to the village. She took care about Amaya for some time. When Amaya grew up, she decided to go for adventure to find something that can return her memory.

2. After one terrible incident, Amaya didn't believe anyone, tried to step back from them, in order not to hurt. When she performed the quest with one Masqueraider, she was trapped. This guy fooled her and he was going to kill her. But Amaya didn't let him do it and killed him. She couldn't forgive herself for it and ran away to Brakmar.

3. Amaya loves Matias (Osamodas), but she can't confess to him in this. When she wanted to tell him, she always began to stutter, shy. Matias also loves her, but he didn't tell it to her because he kept it in secret. 

4. As a weapon Amaya uses two big daggers and portals. Also she uses shield as a cover. Amaya prefers to attack secretly, but in some situations secresy doesn't help. Actually, Amaya wants to solve problems in peaceful way, but in some moments she doesn't have choice.

5. Amaya likes kids, especially Yuki. She met Yuki when she rescued some children from one kidnapper. They earlier became friends and traveled together. But then they went to their ways, Amaya promised her that she'll meet her again and then continue adventure.

6. Lusy (Eniripsa) and Amaya are best friends. Amaya met her when she saved her from robbers. At first time, Lusy didn't believe Amaya, but later she began to trust her. They helped each other in journey, had fun together. But when Amaya dissapeared, Lusy was worried about her and wanted to find her and to help by herself. 

7. Amaya likes bow meows. She has one pet -a bow meow called Leo. Leo is a little prankster. He always gets in troubles. But no matter of this, Amaya loves him and will never leave him.

8. Amaya became an assassin not on her own. She didn't want to be like that, but she thought that in this way she'll hide her crime.

That's all for now. 

I'll not tag people because I just don't want to do it. Have fun!
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Oh my, precious child!!!!
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