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It was not the firts time that this person stole and copied artworks from other artists. YES, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU, Mizary-Roku!!!

You stole and copied the artworks from Wishingstasinajar, from Odd-eye, Mouse-La-Flutist, from others, you took poses from Sellenin, Kibbilzer and from other artists without crediting them.
And also this: 

Hug? by Jenny-626  26545 by Jenny-626

How can you explain this?!

Everyone told you to stop doing that. But you still continue to do that! YOU'RE LYING WITHOUT BLUSHING.
I'll not leave this all just like that. And I'm warning you: STOP DOING THAT!!! STOP STEALING AND COPY ARTWORKS FROM OTHER ARTISTS!! 
And stop to persuade others that you're not innocent and that all artworks are yours!
The excuse "Oh, I forgot" is NOT EXCUSE!!

Sorry for this journal guys, because I can't leave it just like that. 

For now it's all. And thank you Eliatropess for noting me about it and I support you and others.

Yzom Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
Dang girl, you too? :c How is that possible? 
Jenny-626 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
It's possible. Yeah...
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